Alternative prospectus

The collegiate system can be very confusing and choosing a college may seem like a tough decision. General college life may be much the same from college to college, but each has its unique selling points. Some make the decision based on how far they’ll have to walk to lectures and how close the shops and night clubs are. But, don’t let the decision take over your thoughts for too long–whichever college you choose, you will firmly believe is the best within a week of being there!

So, why Corpus?

You can read our page “Why Corpus?” from the menu above for an overview of some of our selling points. However, for a more in depth look at the college, check out our Alternative Prospectus. Written by students for potential new students, the Alternative Prospectus is the best way to find out about student life in Corpus.


If you have any questions regarding the Alternative Prospectus, or it’s failed to answer some of your questions, feel free to get in touch with any of the following: