JCR Committee: 2002–2003

The JCR committee is the elected body that looks after the undergraduate student body.

President: Hannah Knowles
Vice-President: Riccardo Amorosi
Ric is second-in-command of the JCR, supporting and leading the projects that the committee undertake
Womens' Officer: Laura Cooper
Laura looks after the the needs, views and concerns of women in Corpus
Welfare Officer: Harivadan Patel
Hari is responsible for helping students with their well-being and helping with any problems - financial, academic or personal
Treasurer: Lee Dodds
Lee is the JCR Treasurer and so controls all the money, and distributes the funding that the JCR and college societies receive.
Sports and Societies Officer: Robert Baldock
Rob oversees the operation of Corpus sports teams, clubs and societies and is a keen sportsman himself
Secretary: Roderick Latham
Rod writes the minutes and co-ordinates general JCR business, as well as being responsible for Corporeal
Green Officer: Anna Jones
Anna liaises with CUSU on green issues and is responsible for promoting environ
Ethnic Minorities Officer: Eugenia Fan
Eugenia is there to help any students of an ethnic minority with any problems that may arise
Charities Officer: Michael Burke
Mike works to ensure that the profile of charities and good causes is promoted throughout the college
Amenities Officer: Oliver Currall
Ollie lookes after the bar, hall, gyp rooms, laundry and other similar things
Academic Affairs Officer: John Marshall
John's position is a difficult one to summarise. Often it involves putting students who are having difficlties in touch with the people best placed to help...
Webmaster: Michael Kaye
I look after the corpus website

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