JCR Committee: 2003–2004

The JCR committee is the elected body that looks after the undergraduate student body.

President: Leo Van der Borgh
Leo is the main point of contact between undergraduates and the college authorities, as well as managing the running of the JCR committee.
Vice-President: Jin Chin
Jin's main role is to support Leo and the JCR committee. As Corpus' External Officer he is also responsible for communication with CUSU and other college JCRs.
Treasurer: Alexander Di Stefano
As the Treasurer Alex is responsible for ensuring the correct distribution of funds to the various college societies and teams.
Secretary: Kate Baxter
Kate is responsible for organising JCR meetings and ensuring it all goes smoothly. She also writes Corporeal.
Recreations Officer: David Chan
My role is to help organise and facilitate the exsistence of the many Corpus Sport teams and Societies
Male Welfare Officer: James Bowsher
Green and Charities Officer: Lionel Matsuya
Lionel is responsible for the JCR's stance on environmental and charitable raising and giving issues
Female Welfare Officer: Hannah Austin
I'm here to look after the welfare of the women undergraduates in college, and to sort out any problems you might have with life at Corpus :)
Amenities Officer: Ged Ridgway
Ged is responsible for improving the college's student facilities.
Academic and Access Officer: Colm Mc Grath
My job is to make the academic infrastructure in Corpus as supportive as possible and to work with College to create a successful access program
Entertainments Officer: Matthew Whiteley
Matt is in charge of all entertainment in Corpus
Ethnic Minorities Representative: Ravindhi Nathavitharana
I'm here to liase between all the ethnic minorities and the rest of the world to keep everything happy.
Ents Rep: Filip Wyszynski
I am here to entertain, with Slacks, social events and much forbidden pleasure.
Bar Representative: Cecilia Liszka
I am here to make the college watering hole as nice as possible for everyone. Let me know if you're not happy with anything to do with the bar.

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