JCR Committee: 2004–2005

The JCR committee is the elected body that looks after the undergraduate student body.

President: Rachel Irwin
I'm here to liase with the college on behalf of the students, and to coordinate the rest of the committee. I also forward many many emails.
Ents Rep: Jonny Franks
This way for the cheese, please
Treasurer: Maria Traa
Responsible for the dispersal of the JCR's funds
Secretary: Ru He
The main job of the secretary is to ensure smooth communication between everybody and is responsible for organisational-ly stuff, taking minutes, and Corporeal
Recreations Officer: Laura Gallagher
Male Welfare Officer: Saravanan -Chettz Chettiar
Please read my longer description... it's great!
Green and Charities Officer: Sian-Lee Ewan (nee Lennon)
Im responsible to give you all plenty of opportunities to be the nice wee green charitable beings yous really all are!!
Female Welfare Officer: Kimberley Williams
I work with my welfare 'husband' Chettz to ensure that you are all as contented as can be, with a special remit to ensure that women's views are represented
Amenities Officer: Adam Baylis-West
The Amenities Officer is charged with ensuring that undergraduate amenities are sufficiently amenable.
Academic and Access Officer: Eibhlin Murray
My role is to assist you with any academic problems you may have, and promote access to the College.
International Students Representative: Gary Hau
I am here to help all international students (no matter where you are from!) in all areas! Just grab me, e-mail me and I would try my best to sort out .......
Ethnic Minorities Representative: Wendy Tsang Man Pun
And the word-of-the-day is...
Ents Rep: Rhiannon Wilson
here to facilitate pleasure and make a song and dance about it
Bar Rep, LBGT Officer: Russ Foster
At Corpus we expect you to spend a lot of time getting drunk and engaging in the resulting traffic-cone-related acts - I'm the guy to help you out with that...
Hall Representative: James Freeman

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