JCR Committee: 2006

The JCR committee is the elected body that looks after the undergraduate student body.

President: Barney Jones
Ask me anything you like
Vice-President: Phil Weir
Whatever else needs done...
Treasurer: Patrick Coen
money man
Secretary: Francis Letschka
The lubrication of the organ of the Undergraduate body...
Academic and Access Officer: Megan Housley
A link between those who set the work, and those of us who have to do it!
Amenities Officer: Mark Hammonds
Broken things are bad
Green and Charities Officer: Clare Foster
recycling, fairtrade, renewable energy, may ball sustainablity, energy saving, carbon neutrality and charities
Sports and Societies Officer: Ryan Harper
Playing the field
Female Welfare Officer: Catherine Scott
Dispenser of tea and lots of useful information
Male Welfare Officer: John Lau
Friendly ear, font of knowledge. And condoms.
First Year Officer: Blake Hansen
Any first years point of call for suggestions or just a cuppa
LGBT Welfare Representative: Rob Briggs
There's a reason why the Corpus scarf is pink.
Ethnic Minorities Representative: Akshay Patel
Representing ethnic minorities 24-7
International Students Representative: Penny Pan
Homey Corpus for Int'l Students =)
Bar Representative: Jake Loftus
Overpriced, understaffed...corpus bar is neither of these.
Ents Rep: James Webbe
Minister for Fun
Hall Representative: Stephen Cummins
Food = good

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