JCR Committee: 2007

The JCR committee is the elected body that looks after the undergraduate student body.

President: Sam Hindes
First port of call
Vice-President: Stephen Cummins
Treasurer: Blake Hansen
The man with access to the JCR coffers, who thinks it's cool to carry a purse
Secretary: Peter Wasson
The lubrication of the JCR
Academic and Access Officer: Andrew Diver
Amenities Officer: Stacey Beggs
Green and Charities Officer: Phillippa Garner
Recognisable as she is both green and charitable.
Sports and Societies Officer: Catherine Davison
Playing the field
Male Welfare Representative: Rhys Grant
Keeping you happy and in supply of condoms :)
Female Welfare Representative: Izzi Bucknell
LGBT Welfare Representative: Nick McCarthy
"There is a reason why the Corpus scarf is pink!" :P
Ethnic Minorities Representative: Neeraj Mathad
First Year Officer: Daniel Churcher
Bar Representative: Ross Johnstone
Funding the bar through exam term.
Ents Rep: Victoria Turnock
Fancy Dress + Face Paint = Good
Hall Representative: Osman Khalid
Food Goes in Here
International Students Representative: Joyce Fong
Welfare/international issues come to me!

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