JCR Committee: 2009–2010

The JCR committee is the elected body that looks after the undergraduate student body.

President: Patrick Farmbrough
Desperately trying to avoid a vote of no confidence...
Vice-President: Rhys Grant
Patrick's extra pair of hands
Treasurer: Alex Slinger
Putting the 'fun' back into 'JCR funding'...
Secretary: Esther Sforza
Sorting out all those little details . .
Academic and Access Officer: Jo Woods
Amenities Officer: Sophie Zadeh
Jim'll fix it (Sophs will tell him to)
Catering Representative: Edmund Stuart-Smith
Green and Charities Representative: Liz Lewis
Sports and Societies Representative: Breeshey Harkin
Female Welfare Officer: Patricia Burns
keeping sainsbury's in business by buying tea and chocolate biscuits...
Male Welfare Officer: Angus Whiston
A poor, but caring, attempt at a human bean.
LGBT Welfare Representative: Sian Docksey
Ethnic Minorities Representative: Reza Karim
Everyone gets a fair say in college life
Welfare Officer: Daniel Churcher
International Students Representative: Ishaan Aggarwal
Hello! Namaste! Ni hao ma! Hola! Subbah-el-kheir! zdrasti! bonjour! Guten Tag! konnichi wa!
Ents Rep: Dominic Rustecki
First Year Officer: Pierre Novellie

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