JCR Committee: 2010–2011

The JCR committee is the elected body that looks after the undergraduate student body.

President: Rhys Grant
Hopefully keeping the vote of no-confidence at bay for another year...
Vice-President: James Black
Trust me, I'm a historian.
Secretary: Laura Curran
Putting the 'x' back into 'Secretary'
Treasurer: Pesh Patel
Cooking the books!
Male Welfare Officer: Rob Hayes
Helping you deal with the trials and tribulations of university life
Female Welfare Officer: Camille Savinien
Providing you with a friendly ear, chocolate, tea and condoms at any time.
Academic and Access Officer: Jo Woods
Ethnic Minorities Officer: Ishaan Aggarwal
"Laundry is the only thing that should be separated by color." -Anon
International Students Officer: Ayesha Sengupta
"Where thou art - that - is home." -ED
LBGT+ Officer: Josh Wood
Amenities Officer: Todd Davidson
"Can we fix it?" "Yes we can!"
Catering Officer: Stephen Kerr
Trying to figure out what the catch of the day is.
Entertainments Officer: Angus Whiston
Green and Charities Officer: Breeshey Harkin
Saving the polar bears.
Sports and Societies Officer: Immy Harris
Making sure we win the challenge, this time on Oxford turf.
Computing Officer: Graeme Morgan
"Don't worry if it doesn't work right. If everything did, you'd be out of a job."
Cormac Doyle First Year Officer: Cormac Doyle
Celery Knight

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