JCR Committee: 2013–2014

The JCR committee is the elected body that looks after the undergraduate student body.

President: Jamie Wilman
Vice-President: Paul Gordon
Florence Scordoulis Secretary: Florence Scordoulis
Treasurer: Freddie Wright
You can bank on me to fiscal your problems and keep everything in cheque.
Female Welfare Officer: Tabitha Sherwood
Whether you have a big problem, small problem, tiny problem or no problem, I'm here to chat and to help where it's needed
Male Welfare Officer: Tom Duggins
I am here to talk and lend a hand in making sure your time at Corpus is the best it can be. Your troubles = my troubles; I'm free to talk any time, anywhere.
Academic and Access Officer: Charlotte Kane
Janaka Sumanasekera Ethnic Minorities Officer: Janaka Sumanasekera
Ethnic problems? Don't worry, I can help curry the load :)
Johanna Thomas International Students Officer: Johanna Thomas
Kia Ora - that’s New Zealand for hello. I’m here to make sure the transition from overseas isn’t too woolly for ewe :)
Natalie Picken LBGT+ Officer: Natalie Picken
Fawz Kazzazi Amenities Officer: Fawz Kazzazi
Catering Officer: Sam Twells
"If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world." - J.R.R. Tolkien
Entertainments Officer: Sam Twist
"To develop further as a human being, you must throw increasingly bigger parties." (Confucius circa 500BC)
Matt Doughty Green and Charities Officer: Matthew Doughty
"It's not easy bein' green" Though we can try our best.
Kate Poskitt Sports and Societies Officer: Kate Poskitt
Computing Officer: Oscar Key

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