JCR Committee: 2015–2016

The JCR committee is the elected body that looks after the undergraduate student body.

Kenza Bryan President: Kenza Bryan
I try to constantly improve the fairness & quality of everyday life at Corpus. Here to represent all of you!
Bret Cameron Vice-President: Bret Cameron
I'll be running Freshers' Week 2015 and the Room Ballot 2016. If you have any questions about these, or any other aspect of the JCR Committee, get in touch!
Jamie Parker Treasurer: Jamie Parker
Sebastian Dickson Secretary: Seb Dickson
If it's not in the minutes it didnt happen. Blessed be the minutemakers, for they are the children of God
Emma Russell Female Welfare Officer: Emma Russell
Amiya Nagpal Female Welfare Officer: Amiya Nagpal
Jonathon Cushenan Male Welfare Officer: Jonathon Cushenan
James Hoyle Male Welfare Officer: James Palmer
One of the four Welfare Team members, here to provide help and support for any worries small and large, as well as tea, cake and sexual health supplies.
Izzy Ryan LBGT+ Officer: Izzy Ryan
Representative of the LGBT+ community in Corpus ensuring fair treatment and equality for people of all sexualities and gender identities
Lizzi Hawkins Gender Equalities Officer: Lizzi Hawkins
Prioritising protecting undergraduates from gender-based prejudice, and engaging the college in conversations about feminism and inequality.
Micha Frazer-Carroll Ethnic Minorities Officer: Micha Frazer-Carroll
Responsible for the welfare of ethnic minority students at Corpus, as well as raising awareness of issues of equality and diversity throughout college.
Anindya Sharma International Students Officer: A-ninja Anindya Sharma
Christopher Matthews Academic and Access Officer: Christopher Matthews
Responsible for ensuring Corpus is a welcoming place for prospective students of all backgrounds, and for representing your academic concerns to college
Tom Bevan Amenities, Green and Charities Officer: Tom Bevan
I want to ensure that the college increases its commitments to the environment and encourages charitable activity. Dem campbeds too...
Felicity O'Toole Catering Officer: Flis O'Toole
The girl to come to if you're fussy about your food or, god forbid, have something nice to say about it
Subi Subramonian Sports and Societies Officer: Subi Subramonian
Isabella Hadjisavvas Entertainments Officer: Isabella Hadjisavvas
Annabel Mahgerefteh First Year Rep: Annabel Mahgerefteh
Computing Officer: Angus Hammond

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