JCR Committee: 2016–2017

The JCR committee is the elected body that looks after the undergraduate student body.

Felicity O'Toole President: Flis O'Toole
Sacrificing my degree and my social life to improve life at Corpus as much as possible
Sebastian Dickson Vice-President: Seb Dickson
Freshers week, the room ballot and whatever Flis doesnt want to do. Don't question just obey.
Ben Hanson Treasurer: Ben Hanson
Budget and one off purchases among other things. We have money, request things!
Jack Hodkinson Secretary: Jack Hodkinson
In charge of writing minutes and the Corporeal, mainly there to remind you things like your mother, and to amuse you (or be an amusement)
Rhys Locke Academic and Access Officer: Rhys Locke
Here to encourage and promote access to Cambridge for students of all school backgrounds.
Lara Spirit Green, Accommodation & Facilities: Lara Spirit
Lending an ear to any complaints about your college-owned gadgets, whilst saving the planet one recycling bin at a time.
Sarah Richards Sports and Societies Officer: Sarah Richards
Organising everything you'd ever want, from bbq's and bodybuilding to beating Oxford.
Mark Allingham Ents Rep: Mark Allingham
I'll be organising slacks, club nights and other assorted shenanigans!
Annabel Mahgerefteh Ethnic Minorities Representative: Annabel Mahgerefteh
Here to ensure all students feel comfortable and happy no matter their ethnicity or ethnic background!
Pavel Artemov International Students Representative: Pav4Prez Artemov
That guy in glasses with a very strong Russian accent who is responsible for (international) freshers week.
Noah Harley Catering Officer: Noah Harley
'One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well' (Virginia Woolf) Thus, the food you eat in hall is my priority! #vivalapasta
Harry Jones LBGT+ Officer: Harry Jones
Organising events for, and representing the LGBTQ community to the committee, always available to hear suggestions and in a welfare capacity for all students
Robin Allez Gender Equalities Officer: Robin Allez
Working to promote gender equality in Corpus and raise awareness of gender-related issues
Isla Cowan Welfare Officer: Isla Cowan
Here to listen to all your worries and woes! And to distribute tea, cake and condoms!
Jacob Bradley Welfare Officer: Jacob Bradley
A young, fresh, eager and open face in an ageing welfare team.
Rob Bowman Welfare Officer: Rob Bowman
Heroic guardian of corpuscle welfare
Computing Officer: Angus Hammond

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