JCR Committee: 2017–2018

The JCR committee is the elected body that looks after the undergraduate student body.

Jack Hodkinson President: Jack Hodkinson
Working tirelessly to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.
Jacob Bradley Vice-President: Jacob Bradley
Vice President Bradley, that is my name. Freshers Week and Room Ballot, these are my game.
Kripa Panchagnula Secretary: Kripa Panchagnula
Joe Lawton Treasurer: Joe Lawton
Doling out the budget to those who apply. Passing on the benefits of the money supply.
Rebecca Wigley-Jones Academic and Access Officer: Rebecca Wigley-Jones
Sebastian Dickson Green, Accommodation & Facilities: Seb Dickson
Charlotte Paterson Sports and Societies Officer: Charlotte Paterson
Organising everything you'd ever want, from bbq's and bodybuilding to beating Oxford.
Harry Jones Ents Rep: Harry Jones
Responsible for 8 booze-ups and a garden party.
Shehr Hassan Ethnic Minorities Representative: Shehr Hassan
Tanmay Sukthankar Catering Officer: Tanmay Sukthankar
The dude all about the food. The bringer of menus and joy.
Kate Barber LBGT+ Officer: Kate Barber
A friendly face trying to support anybody who defines themselves as LGBT+
Cici Carey-Stuart Gender Equalities Officer: Cici Carey-Stuart
Your friendly neighbourhood feminist, working for gender equality and organising feminist events in Corpus.
Nina Jeffs International Students Representative: Nina Jeffs
Helping to spread the international love; ensuring Corpus students are included, wherever in the world they call home.
Amelia Peck Welfare Officer: Amelia Peck
I am a friendly corpuscle who wants to make corpus a happy and relaxed place by providing support to anyone who would like it.
Damien Teague Welfare Officer: Damien Teague
If you want something to alieviate stress you'll want to hear me say 'mirror' in my accent.
Olivia O'Connor Welfare Officer: Olivia O'Connor
Hoping to make Corpus a less stressful place by providing cake, condoms and advice.
Perdi Higgs Careers Officer: Perdi Higgs
A career-savvy unemployed humanities student.
Computing Officer:
There's a reason you can't see my photo, I'll explain.

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