JCR Committee: 2018–2019

The JCR committee is the elected body that looks after the undergraduate student body.

Eliza King-Smith Entertainments Officer: Eliza King-Smith
Clinging on to being a fresher by organising parties and supplying drinks.
Grace Stafford International Students Officer: Grace Stafford
Always around to chat about homesickness, storage space, or adjusting to life in the UK over a good ol? American PopTart
Hughie Curtis Treasurer: Hughie Curtis
"If you don't get serious about your money you will never have serious money" ? Grant Cardone
Robin Denham LBGT+ Officer: Robin Denham
He's Here, He's Queer, He's Probably Asleep
Harry Taylor Secretary: Harry Taylor
I?m responsible for minutes, the Corporeal, social media and a bunch of other admin you either don?t see or don?t read anyway.
Rosemary Little Gender Equalities Officer: Rosemary Little
For a college full of happy souls, I advocate cinnamon rolls, not gender roles!
Ian Wang Ethnic Minorities Officer: Ian Wang
Here to make sure all ethnic minority students at Corpus get the support and inclusion they deserve!
Silas Hope Catering Officer: Silas Hope
Dedicated to eating the most hash browns at brunch. Current PB is 12.
Thomas Nunan Careers Officer: Thomas Nunan
Helping Corpuscles to think about their options after graduation.
Andrew Wright Welfare Officer: Andrew Wright
Providing Corpus with tea, advice and more biscuits than you could possibly hope to eat since ?18!
Katie-Anne Jardine Academic and Access Officer: Katie Jardine
Here to promote access and encourage applications to Cambridge from students of all educational backgrounds.
Sebastian Dickson Green, Accommodation & Facilities: Seb Dickson
Nina Jeffs President: Nina Jeffs
Representing your interests to college, and leading a fantastic committee, to ensure that your experience at Corpus is the best it can be!
Daisy Tyrer Welfare Officer: Daisy Tyrer
A friendly third year who wants to make life at Corpus as happy and stress-free as possible.
Olivia O'Connor Vice-President: Olivia O'Connor
I will be organising Fresher's week 2018 and Room ballot 2019, as well as supporting Nina in her endeavours to make Corpus a better place to live!
Jessica Beech Welfare Officer: Jess Beech
Can't see the wood for the trees? Want to play safe with the birds and the bees? Who better than a geographer to put your mind at ease?!
Edward Pyman Sports and Societies Officer: Edward Pyman
Responsible for all things sporting and societal in college. Here to represent your interests.
Computing Officer: Jorik Schellekens

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