JCR Committee: Dominic Bielby

2019–20: Academic and Access Officer

I’m Dom, a second year Law student and I’m in charge of representing undergraduate academic concerns, as well as access interests. This means not only am I a person to talk to regarding academic issues or problems (along with your DoS), but I also liaise with College to assist with events like Masterclasses, Admissions Week, Open Days and Interviews. I also run the Access Sub-committee, a group of students which forms the core of volunteers who chip in to show the Corpus community at its best for access events! I’m also tasked with ensuring access materials are up-to-date, including the Alternative Prospectus and working with College to ensure that access helpers get some sweeteners for helping out.

In my non-JCR capacity as a boring law student I enjoy mooting (mock appeal trials, thrilling I know…) and I dabble with debating at the Cambridge Union when I can. I also enjoy reading, taking walks along the Backs and hanging around in Waterstones whenever I get the chance.

For any questions about Corpus admissions, access or academic life, feel free to contact me!