JCR Committee: Marie Allen

2019–20: Green Officer

Hi I am a second year studying HSPS – and this term’s green officer!

My job is pretty broad, but basically I am in charge of running events and initiatives based around sustainability. I will try and make green events that are fun and engaging for everyone in college, while trying to ensure acting sustainably is as easy and fun as possible for everyone in college.

I would love to hear any ideas/suggestions/feedback you might have – GREEN IS A TEAM EFFORT!!!!! so please get involved, whether that is offering me a pity ‘going’ on my events, or giving me your thoughts on things that I am trying to promote.

I will aim to keep everyone up to date with events happening in the university, like interesting talks or vintage sales, as well as putting on a few events of my own.

I will also be continuing efforts to encourage the college to divest from fossil fuels, so keep an eye out for my funky posters and a petition for YOU to sign!

If you are interested in hearing about green things, join Corpus Green Society and follow our facebook page!!!!

Green love,
Marie Allen