JCR Committee: Nina Jeffs

2017–18: International Students Representative


As a Kiwi 12,000 miles from home, I know moving countries can be both exciting and challenging! I’ll be organising Early Arrivals Week for international students, and am here to help with anything from homesickness to the right way to pronounce ’scone’ (hint: there isn’t one).

2018–19: President

Hi everyone, in my spare time I’m a second year Human, Social and Political Sciences student. As President, I’m committed to ensuring student life at Corpus is the best it can be!

The JCR is here to help Corpus students with every aspect of college life, whether that be social, academic, financial, environmental or otherwise. We’re completely democratic: being an elected committee with public minutes (on this website), as well as holding regular Open Meetings, which give everyone a chance to have their say.

My role involves leading the committee, and representing your interests to college. I represent the student voice in college meetings – but I can’t do this if I don’t hear your concerns. Please help me to represent you better, and send me a message to tell me your thoughts about any aspect of college life. I will always see what I can do to help!

My goals for this term as President include:
- Improving JCR accountability, and representing student interests better
- Spending more efficiently
- Improving college sustainability
- Refurbishing the JCR (Common Room)

I’m always open to suggestions and up for a chat. Feel free to get in touch!