JCR Committee: Phoebe Segal

2019–20: Gender Equalities Officer

2nd year former-intermitter and English student, here to offer a gender equalities-focused approach to college welfare. This includes:

  • Providing free menstrual care products for all those in college who use them (with increasing focus on reusable and trans-friendly products).
  • Promoting sexual health through consent workshops, in-college STI screenings, and distributing free contraceptives.
  • Organising social events, such as film nights & parteas, with the other liberation (LGBT+ & BME) officers.
  • Running feminist discussion group, The Isherwood Agenda.
  • Representing and championing the welfare of female, trans and gender non-conforming students in committee meetings and to college.
  • Organising speakers (such as women in STEM/business/the arts) and events in college; as well as groups from college to go to uni-wide events, such as CUSU talks, Footlights lady smokers, and Union debates.
  • Nurturing a supportive and respectful callout culture in college.

Often found in the Pelican Bar, feel free to come to me for chats and support, particularly on issues relating to gender, sex and relationships. In cases of discrimination, harassment or any other behaviour making students feel uncomfortable or unsafe in college on the basis of their sex, gender identity or expression, I will do all in my power to represent the issue to college and ensure accountability.

As someone who has been through the intermission process, and one of the founders of the Corpus Disability Support Group, I am also a keen proponent for increased support in these areas, and very happy to be approached by any students wishing to discuss related issues.

But fear not! Feminism is fun… and there will be memes.

[she/her] [Phoebe/Phee/Phoebs/gal/sister/queen/my liege]