JCR Committee: Gender Equalities Officer

About the post

The current Gender Equalities Officer, 2020–21

Hero Bain (hrb47)

Hi peeps! I’m Hero [they/them], a gender-chaotic third year EarthSci which means I am usually looking at/thinking about/reading about rocks. I’m your Gender Equalities Officer, here to fight against gender discrimination and stereotypes in (and occasionally outside of) college. My jobs are varied and include: providing free period products in boxes in college laundry rooms, running discussion groups with Isherwood Agender, the college gender and feminism society (check us out on Facebook), running various events for women and other marginalised genders, and organising film nights showing films featuring positive gender representation. Also just generally deconstructing gender, so please feel free to chat to me about that!! I am also here to support people experiencing gender discrimination, or any other forms of gender based harassment (if it comes to that); whether you just want someone to chat to, or support in making more formal complaints to college/the university, please contact me by email (hrb47), Facebook messenger, or text message (my number is on the welfare forms in bathrooms).

When I’m not ruminating on gender, you can find me squirrelled away in the Earth Sciences department reading papers, or singing in the college chapel with the choir.

Looking forward to a year of smashing gender with y’all! Big love <3