JCR Committee: LBGT+ Officer

About the post

The current LBGT+ Officer, 2020–21

Eleanor Rist (ejr82)

Hello! I’m Eleanor, a second year BioNatSci. My job, apart from bringing obnoxious amounts of denim and blue hair dye everywhere I go, is to provide support for all members of the LGBT+ community at Corpus, whether your identity is something you’ve recently discovered or is something you’ve been comfortable with for a long time. My aim is to do this by plying you, the Corpus Gay Collective (CGC), with food, memes, and LGBT+ films of varying quality (keep your eyes trained on that Facebook page). I’m really keen on community engagement and absolutely welcome your suggestions- please feel free to DM or email me (or pop a note in my pidge if you want to remain anonymous) about things you think I could or should be doing. I’m always very keen to have a chat and provide support of any kind over a cup of tea (not necessary but encouraged) and biscuits (vital) so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

When I’m not dyeing my hair or draping myself in flags (be they rainbow or Welsh) I can be found in a lab somewhere or in Corpus Chapel as a member of the choir.