JCR Committee: President

About the post

According to the constitution, it is my job to:

(a) Represent student interests to College
(b) Chair JCR Committee Meetings
(c) Chair JCR Open Meetings
(d) Chair JCC Meetings
(e) Chair Rent Subcommittee Meetings
(f) Attend GB Meetings (including Audit / Budget Meetings)
(g) Attend EB Meetings
(h) Attend CUSU P&E / Council (if affiliated)
(i) Attend Tutorial & Welfare Meetings
(j) Act as Returning Officer for JCR/CUSU/University Council elections
(k) Ensure JCR Committee adhere to the standing orders
(l) Produce JCR End of Year Report, including individual report from each Officer

The current President, 2017–18

Jack Hodkinson (jrh206)


I’m always keen to lend an ear. Email is the best way to get in touch with me!