JCR Committee: Treasurer

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The current Treasurer, 2020–21

William Clennell (wjc41)

The Treasurer’s main role is to organise and implement the Budget, which is drawn up during Lent Term. All college societies (as well as members of the JCR committee) can apply for funding; Whether or not a request will be successful depends on how the funds will be used and the number of people attending the society. All societies are also eligible to claim “Squash” funding, equal to £3 per person up to a maximum of £60.

If you are a society leader, it’s worth making sure you’re prepared. If you are applying for running costs only (e.g. termly court or pitch hire), you will need to have a quote or a figure from last year available, as well as an indication of how many people regularly attend your society. The Budget also provides funding for one-off costs, such as new equipment or the cost of setting up a new society. However, bear in mind that funding for this type of expenditure is limited, and you will need to provide a full inventory, so make sure this is ready in advance of the application deadline.

During the rest of the year, the Treasurer is in charge of paying out money in line with the Budget (a receipt must be provided). Societies can also apply for funding from the One-Off Purchase Fund, which is reserved for urgent one-off costs that couldn’t be foreseen at the time of the Budget. For the first time this year, all requests (whether successful or unsuccessful) will be published on the JCR website in the same way as the same Budget.

Beyond the JCR, my interests lie in cricket and bridge, so if either of those appeal to you then we’ll probably cross paths eventually.