Every new Corpus student is automatically added to the Access Events mailing list. This means that all undergraduates receive an email every time volunteers are needed for an access event. Some people choose to help with a lot of these, some people choose to help just once or twice. But rest assured, any help, no matter how little, is very much appreciated!

How can I get involved in Access work?

Simply look out for the Access Events emails from the JCR Academic and Access Officer, and send a reply saying which one(s) you would be interested in helping with. You can also sync the Access Calendar (situated at the bottom of this page) to your Google account which makes keeping track of what's going on even easier. All volunteers receive a ticket for a free lunch in Hall (a main meal, sides and a pudding). In addition to the usual access events, there are some larger core access events which happen every year. All undergraduates can choose to get involved in these too. These events are:

  • Helping with Interviews (December: this involves helping interviewees find where they need to be, and maybe going to lunch and dinner with them to help them calm their nerves)
  • The CUSU Shadowing Scheme (January/February: undergraduates can apply to be shadowed for a couple of days by a prospective student in their subject or a subject very similar. You will receive an email from CUSU about this)
  • College Open Days (scattered throughout the year: helpers are asked to give tours of college, talk to prospective students and their parents, and be a friendly face welcoming people into our college!)
  • Admissions Week (end of June/start of July for Corpus, this will probably involve two summer schools and also includes the two Open Days for the whole university)
  • Any questions at all, get in touch with our JCR Academic and Access Officer.

    Admissions events calendar