corpusEnts is entertainment. That’s all it is. None of the boring stuff. From a high–octane Freshers’ Week to an unbelievable final slack of the year and of course the annual Corpus Garden Party. corpusEnts is responsible for running your social lives whilst you’re at Corpus. If you would like to receive messages and notifications about what’s going on, please like the corpusEnts Facebook page, add ‘corpusjcr’ on snapchat, follow us on instagram (‘corpusjcr’) and twitter (@corpusjcr).


1. Dull.
2. Moving very slowly.

1. To make or allow to become less active.

1. A themed party in the Pelican Bar.
2. Highlight of the term.
3. Loud.
4. Opposite of the definitions of “slack” (adjective) and “slack” (verb).

If you have any music suggestions, ideas for slack themes or would like to DJ at a slack, please contact the JCR Ents Officer.

Ents facilities

As well as entertainment events, corpusEnts provides the following facilities for all Corpus students to use whenever they want:

  • Sky TV in the JCR,
  • Freeview in the Pelican Bar,
  • DVD players in both the Pelican Bar and JCR,
  • Nintendo,
  • Pool table – one of the few free tables in the University,
  • Table football,
  • Karaoke machine,
  • Various board games (and the board games society).

All facilities are available equally to all Corpuscles, so please be thoughtful and welcoming in sharing them equally.

If you find a problem with any of these facilities, please contact the JCR Amenities Officer.


Corpus has subscribed to Scudamore’s student discount scheme to bring you the following discounts.

1. Hourly self-hire punts* (Backs or Grantchester), Canadian canoes & rowboats (Grantchester only):
  • £12.50 per hour per craft (standard NUS rate £18.75 per hour).
  • The rates quoted for punts refer to 6-person hire punts. Please double the above rates to get the rates for 13-person hire punts (Grantchester only).
2. Hourly self-hire kayaks for Grantchester:-
  • £7.50 per hour per 1-person craft (standard NUS rate £9.00 per hour).
  • £12.50 per hour per 2-person craft (standard NUS rate £15.00 per hour).
3. All Day Hire for Grantchester:
All Day hires are available from our main boatyard from 09:00 and do not have to be returned until the day’s closing time or 21:00, whichever is the earlier.
  • £50.00 per punt*, Canadian canoe or rowboat (standard NUS rate £75.00 per craft).
  • £30.00 per 1-person kayak (standard NUS rate £36.00 per craft).
  • £50.00 per 2-person kayak (standard NUS rate £60.00 per craft).
  • The rates quoted for punts refer to 6-person hire punts. Please double the above rates to get the rates for 13-person hire punts (Grantchester only).

For more information, visit the .

Panther taxis

Having a night out? It’s always advisable to plan your trip home in advance and travel with others where possible. If you’re alone, think about getting a taxi back. If you want to put the cost of your taxi on your College bill to pay it later, Corpus has an account with Panther Taxis. Simply:

  1. Phone them on 01223 715715 (or directly from the phone in F-staircase),
  2. Ask to use the Corpus JCR Student Account—account number 0860,
  3. Give them your name (you’ll need to have your University Card with you so that the taxi driver can prove you are you and haven’t given someone else’s name),
  4. When asked, give them the password,
  5. Wait for the taxi and pay for it on your next College bill. Simple.

Clubs, Bars and Pubs

Main Clubs – Cindies (also known as Ballare), Life (also known as Kuda) , Lola Lo and Fez. These are the big four (well as big as you can get in Cambridge-terms). Great thing about Corpus is that it is slap bang in the centre of all of these clubs, which means a very short drunken walk home at 3 am. Well done, you’ve landed yourselves in the right college.

The standard cambridge club nights are Wednesday = Cindies, Thursday = Fez/Lola Lo, Sunday = Life/Fez. These are the classic ‘gownie’ nights but these get boring quickly so I encourage you to mix it up (seeing the same faces week after week gets dull). Go out on a ‘townie’ night – they don’t bite!

Bars and semi-clubs. There are also a few decent bars dotted around that have special nights. Revolution, La Raza, Ta Bouche, The Vaults,

Pubs. I am not going to list out every single pub in Cambridge but here are a few decent ones close by. The Eagle, Bath House, Wetherspoons (pub but has the occasional club night) and Maypole.

Lola Lo – Mi Casa Su Casa
Life – Kaleidoscope

Fez – Fresh Tuesdays

Lola Lo – J Rocks
Cindies – Wednesday Cindies
Fez – Secret Discotheque

Lola Lo – Let’s Kill Disco
Cindies – Memoria
Fez – #housebassgarage

Lola Lo – Tiki Beats
Fez – Propaganda

Lola Lo – After Dark Rum Club
Cindies – The Good Life
Fez – Traffic

Lola Lo – Big Fish Presents
Life – Sunday Life

Events calendar

To keep up to date with all the events going in Corpus, check out the JCR Events Calendar. If you have any suggestions for events, please contact the JCR Committee.