Green Issues

The College has a Green Committee, on which sits representatives from the JCR and MCR. The Committee meets twice a term and has so far drawn up and implemented an Environmental Policy and a Policy for Energy and Water Management within the College, and keeps track of what is going on in other Colleges to improve our strategies and facilities in accordance with them. Corpus had previously come top of the Water Management Strategy, and in 2015 won a gold award in the Cambridge-wide Green Impact challenge.

With the kitchens in the main hall set to undergo extensive work, the Green Committee and Buildings Committee are both committed to making sure possibilities of saving energy are at the forefront of considerations. A termly email will be sent to all Corpus undergraduates from the Green Officer, which will include updates on energy issues surrounding the new kitchens and college in general.

Radiator thermostats

All radiators in Corpus should now be fitted with a thermostat so that if your room gets too hot you can simply turn your radiator down instead of opening your window and wasting energy! However, a few rooms seem to have been overlooked, so if your radiator does not have a thermostat please email the JCR Green, Accommodation and Facilities Officer and they will let the Bursar know so that the situation can be rectified.


Corpus is constantly working towards being a more environmentally friendly college. We have a reasonable recycling system in place in the communal areas of College such as the Bar, Library and JCR. At the moment, it is up to students to implement their own recycling efforts in individual rooms and gyp rooms; collecting items and then taking them regularly to the main recycling centre in Stable Yard.

The recycling facilities in the College‚Äôs Newnham and T–Street accommodation are fantastic, with wheelie bins provided and emptied by the local council, into which you can put a whole variety of items without the need to separate them out.

We still however, have a long way to go. You can keep doing (or start doing!) your bit for making Corpus greener by setting aside those cereal boxes, old revision notes and wine bottles and taking them to their respective recycling locations around College. In addition, please do approach your JCR Greens, Accommodation and Facilities Officer with any ideas and suggestions you may have.

Where to recycle what…

  • JCR: Glass bottles, plastic bottles, aluminium cans, paper
  • Taylor Library: Paper
  • Pelican Bar: Glass bottles, plastic bottles, paper
  • Post Room: Paper, stamps, batteries, ink cartridges
  • Stable Yard: Cardboard, food waste, glass bottles (clear, blue, green and brown), empty aerosol cans
  • Hall: Aluminium cans

If you have any questions about recycling in Corpus, or have any ideas about how our recycling provision can be improved, please contact the JCR Green, Accommodation, and Facilities Officer.