If you have any questions about Housekeeping in Corpus, feel free to contact the JCR Amenities Officer.

Cleaning of student rooms

Before you arrive at the beginning of each term, your room will have been thoroughly cleaned and your bed will be ready to make.

On your room’s fortnightly cleaning day, your Bedder will enter your room to give it a good clean. This includes:

  • cleaning the sink area,
  • emptying the bin,
  • dusting,
  • vacuuming.

On this day, you need to make sure your floor is tidy to allow vacuuming to take place, otherwise your Bedder may be forced to leave your room dirty.

If you need/wish to clean your room during the fortnight, there is a dustpan & brush under the sink in every gyp room. Cloths and hoovers available for student use may be found in the following locations:

Old Court & Library Court ? in JCR common room next to recycling bins
Benet ? in kitchen near room 9
Botolph ? in kitchen near room 15
Beldam ? in the laundry room
Newnham ? bottom of stairs in the kiosk area
T Street ? to be confirmed after the renovation

Although college does not provide cleaning chemicals, students are welcome to purchase their own.

If you want your bin to be emptied during the fortnight, just leave it outside your door. This will also let staff know not to disturb you, with the exception of on the cleaning day when your Bedder will enter your room regardless!

Recycling is strongly encouraged but individual bins are not provided – it’s easiest to throw recyclables (paper, glass & plastic bottles, cans) into a large bag or box which can be emptied into one of College’s main recycling bins when full.

When you leave your room at the end of the term, you should leave it in a tidy state with all personal belongings stored in your lockable cupboard (bring a padlock) and rubbish put into recycling bins or the room bin accordingly; most rooms are used for conference guests during the vacations, and they are not always honest (or hygienic). Don’t forget to take your bed linen away with you.

A rota, telling you which lovely bedder will appear to clean your room and when, can be found here.

Bed linen

College NO LONGER provides you with all bed linen.

You WILL be given:
  • a single duvet,
  • a pillow,
  • a mattress protector.
You will need to BRING:
  • sheet(s),
  • duvet cover(s),
  • pillowcase(s).

The College recognises that for overseas students transporting these items may be difficult so linen packs are available for sale; these should have been pre-ordered and you should sign for them at the Plodge when you get your room keys – the ?20 charge will appear on your first college bill of the year.

You will need to launder your own bed linen using the new laundry facility in Stable Yard. Please mark your linen clearly with your name so that it doesn’t get confused with everyone else’s.

Disabled students who may require help with laundry and bed-making should in the first instance contact the Tutorial Office who will liaise with the Head Housekeeper in order for arrangements to be put in place.

Other linen items, such as the mattress protectors, will be cleaned and changed by the housekeeping staff at the end of every room lease period and again at the beginning of the next room lease period. For those students on the extended room lease, these other linen items will be changed at the same time as for students on the 30-week room lease.


If you have an accident, such as vomiting, a Body Fluids Pack can be obtained from the Porters’ Lodge to help you clear up any mess.

If you spill something solid and don’t want to wait until your next cleaning day to have it cleared up, or if you fancy helping out your Bedder for a change, there is a cupboard in JCR common room next to recycling bins which is in Old Court & Library Court.

Cleaning of communal areas

Communal areas (gyp rooms, toilets, bathrooms and staircases) will be cleaned by your Bedder daily, Monday–Friday. You need to make sure these areas are kept tidy so that cleaning can occur. This means you must do your own washing up and remove clean items from the drying areas as quickly as possible. Your Bedder will not do your washing up for you!

More public communal areas such as the Pelican Bar, JCR, Computer Room, Post Room and Taylor Library will also be cleaned daily, Monday–Friday. Again, you need to keep these places tidy so that they can be cleaned. You should:

  • put your rubbish & recycling into the bins provided,
  • leave empty glasses at the glass collection point in the JCR,
  • leave all communal areas in a respectable state i.e. in the way that other students, fellows, staff and guests would wish to find them.

It’s not that difficult. Please keep College tidy! Otherwise sanctions may be imposed upon us all…

One last thing: plates and cutlery should not be removed from Hall, but if it is necessary to do so, please return them as soon as possible. The same goes for removing glasses from the bar, since we kept running out last year; so if you would like to drink out of classy glass pint glasses etc. when in the bar, rather than the much less classy plastic equivalents, please return them when you’re done! You should also not remove irons etc. from the laundry rooms as they are there for use by all of us.

Housekeeping queries

If you have any questions about Housekeeping, or have any problems with the services provided, please email the Head of Housekeeping. Alternatively, the Housekeeping Office is located in U–staircase (room U5) and is open 8am–4.30pm, Monday–Friday. The Housekeeping Office is closed for lunch 12.30-1pm. You can also contact the Head of Housekeeping on 01223 7(66697).