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If you have any questions about room leases or term dates, feel free to contact the [mailto:jcr-secretary@corpus.cam.ac.uk JCR Secretary] or the [mailto:jcr-vicepresident@corpus.cam.ac.uk JCR Vice President] or the [mailto:tutorial@corpus.cam.ac.uk Tutorial Office].

==E-Guest Sign-in==

To sign in guests electronically, log in [https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=RQSlSfq9eUut41R7TzmG6baATHexhmxHkUtcz2eSZpVUN1VFMUZLQzAwQTM0SEs4M0VJRVZLTzlZUC4u here]. Students at Corpus before the 2016/17 academic year will have to first sign up [http://www.uis.cam.ac.uk/initiatives/ees/ees-sign-up here].


There are two types of room lease available at Corpus. These are the 30–week lease, which on average runs for 10 weeks spanning each term and the extended lease, which runs from the beginning of Michaelmas term right through to the end of Graduation Week, following the end of Easter term. More information about the two leases is available [/ballot/leases here].

Every year, when you come up at the beginning of Michaelmas term, you will have to sign your tenancy agreement in the Porters’ Lodge, prior to you being given your room keys. However, as there’s often not much time to look through the lease between receiving it and having to sign it, you’re advised to read the [/archive-file-download.php?file_id=600 generic tenancy agreement] before arriving in Cambridge.

==Lease dates==

Each lease period begins at 4pm on the stated day and ends at 10am, other than the beginning of the lease for freshers, who should arrive by noon. On the last day of your lease, please vacate your room promptly by 10am, otherwise you will receive a fine.

===30–week lease===

{| class=”wikitable” style=”width: 100%”! style=”width: 20%” | ! style=”width: 60%” | Lease Duration! style=”width: 20%” | Years|-! rowspan=”2″ | Michaelmas Term 2019| align=”center” | Sunday 29 September–Sunday 8 December| align=”center” | 2nd to 4th years|-| align=”center” | Sunday 6 October–Sunday 8 December| align=”center” | 1st years|-! Lent Term 2020| align=”center” | Saturday 11 January–Sunday 22 March| align=”center” | All years|-! rowspan=”2″ | Easter Term 2020| align=”center” | Sunday 12 April–Sunday 21 June| align=”center” | 1st and 2nd years|-| align=”center” | Sunday 12 April–Saturday 27 June| align=”center” | 3rd and 4th years


===Extended lease ===

{| class=”wikitable” style=”width: 100%”! style=”width: 20%” | ! style=”width: 80%” | Lease Duration|-! ”’Bene’t, Botolph”””and T-Street”’| align=”center” | Sunday 29th September–Sunday 21th June|-! ”’Old Court”’| align=”center” | Sunday 29 September–Sunday 21 JuneExcluding Christmas College closure (24 December–3 January)


===Term dates===

{| class=”wikitable” style=”width: 100%”! style=”width: 20%” | ! style=”width: 20%” | Term Begins! style=”width: 20%” | Full Term Begins! style=”width: 20%” | Full Term Ends! style=”width: 20%” | Term Ends|-! Michaelmas Term 2019| align=”center” | 1 Oct| align=”center” | 8 Oct| align=”center” | 6 Dec| align=”center” | 19 Dec|-! Lent Term | align=”center” | 5 Jan| align=”center” | 14 Jan| align=”center” | 13 Mar| align=”center” | 24 Mar|-! Easter Term | align=”center” | 10 Apr| align=”center” | 21 Apr| align=”center” | 12 Jun| align=”center” | 18 Jun


* Matriculation: Sunday 6 October 2019.* Easter Day: Sunday 12 April 2020

* Graduation: Thursday 25 June 2020.

==Keeping term and exeats==

To meet the University’s requirements for graduation, you must be in residence for three–quarters of each term and have been a member of the University for nine terms. You are expected to be in residence during the whole of Full Term, as this is when lectures, supervisions and other teaching will take place. If you come up after the beginning of Full Term, or sign out at the Porters’ Lodge during Full Term, you must remain in residence for an equal number of nights following the end of Full Term so that the term is counted.

Because the College has to keep an accurate record of how many nights you have been in residence, if you wish to leave Cambridge overnight during term time you will need to obtain an exeat from the Porters’ Lodge:

* For one or two successive nights, an exeat is obtained simply by signing out in the exeat book.

* For three or more nights, an exeat must be signed by either the Dean or your Tutor and then handed in at the Porters’ Lodge before you leave. You can get an exeat form for this from the Porters.

When you get back, it’s important to report your return to the Porters so that the correct number of nights away is recorded.

If you don’t follow these requirements you can get a £10 fine.

==Vacation arrangements==

Towards the end of each term (or just at the end of the year if you are on the extended lease), Tutorial will email you inquiring your vacation plans, including dates of your departure and of your return. If you change your plans, please let Tutorial know as soon as possible.

You may incur a fine if you fail to pack away your possessions as detailed below, or fail to vacate your room by 10.00am.

Please remember to sign down in the Porters’ Lodge when you leave, and sign up when you return, so that College has an accurate record of the number of nights you have been in Cambridge to ensure they can state that you have kept the term.

===Storage facilities===

Please bear in mind that many of the College’s guests during the vacation periods will be under–age and/or from a very different cultural background, belief system or faith. College would like their stay to be memorable for all the right reasons, so if you are leaving belongings in your room over the Christmas or Easter vacation:

* Clear all surfaces of personal items (i.e. removed from desks, windowsills and around basins),* Take down all posters and pictures,* All books, files and folders should be packed away,* All personal belongings should either be removed from the room, or locked into a cupboard, suitcase or box. If possible, the suitcase or box should be left out of sight. If your bedroom furniture/storage is lockable, make sure one wardrobe is left empty and unlocked for guests. Items left in your room are done so at your own risk.* Don’t leave any alcohol in your room, please take it away with you

* Fines may be issued where rooms require excessive time or expense to make ready for guests, or to clear personal items.

Please remember that any items you leave in your room are left there entirely at your own risk.

For the Long Vacation, you cannot leave any belongings in your room, even if you are returning to the same room in the following year. If you do leave any belongings in your room, these may be disposed of at your own cost. There is limited storage space available over the Long Vacation for non-English students. This is limited to:

* No more than 2 good sized boxes and one suitcase.

If you want to use storage, please label your belongings clearly on all sides so they can easily be identified and arrange a time with the Porters for the store room to be opened. You should note that the College’s insurance does not cover items left in storage, so it is worth checking that you are covered for personal possessions in “secure storage designated by your College authority during a vacation”.

===Vacation accommodation===

To stay in college for additional nights, you have to fill in an online form sent by the Tutorial (emailed at the middle of each term) asking your Director of Studies or Tutor to send an email of support by the deadline.

If you have been given permission to remain in residence over a vacation, it is likely that you will have to move rooms. When doing so, you must vacate your normal room by 10am. If the room lease ends during a weekend, you may be asked to move rooms on a weekday in order to allow any problems with the temporary room to be reported to Housekeeping as they are discovered. You should take all your necessary belongings to the temporary room with you, as you will not have access to your normal room over the vacation.


Exam enrolment is carried out via your Camsis Self-service account during Michaelmas Term. Firstly, discuss your papers with your Director of Studies and ensure that what you propose to take has his or her approval. You can then enrol for your exams through your personal account on [http://www.camsis.cam.ac.uk/cam-only/index.shtml CamSIS] (you’ll receive an email from the Tutorial Office, with detailed instructions, when you have to do this). If you don’t have any paper options, please register for your exams as soon as possible. Your DoS will then go on–line and authorise your entry. In Lent Term you will be emailed by the Tutorial Office to check that your entry is correct and again, via Camsis, “verify” your enrolment.

==University cards==

Your University Card is very important as not only does it let you into the Taylor Library and allow you to take out books from the library, you can also use it to purchase items in the Pelican Bar and in Hall… so don’t lose it! You will need to use your University Card as proof of your identity when you sit your Tripos examinations as well. Treat your University Card as you would a credit card. Please don’t keep it in your back pocket and sit on it as it will break.

If you have lost your University Card, please visit the [mailto:helpdesk@corpus.cam.ac.uk IT Office]. Unless its been stolen, it will cost you about ?15 to replace, which will be added onto your College bill. If it has been stolen and has been reported to the police, the fee is waived if you can give Tutorial a Crime Number.

If your University Card has stopped working for no visible reason (e.g. if it’s not bent or cracked), then you should visit the I.T. Office to see if it can be fixed. If it can’t, they will order you a replacement free of charge. It’s worth noting though that sometimes College will “stop” your card from working if you haven’t paid your College bill.


Corpus students will graduate on the Thursday in Graduation Week (the week after May Week at the end of Easter Term). Tutorial will send you an e–mail when booking for graduation opens (this is towards the end of Lent Term), asking you to apply to graduate via your CamSIS self–service account. At the same time, you’ll be able to:

*Reserve your place at the Graduation Dinner (on the Wednesday in Graduation Week),*Book tickets for the Graduation Senior Tutor’s Buffet (on the Thursday in Graduation Week),*Book tickets for the Graduation Ceremony for your guests,

*Sign up for an individual session with the photographer.

The College website has useful information on the following things to do with graduation:

*[https://www.corpus.cam.ac.uk/current-students/graduation/graduation-undergraduates Graduation Timetable],

*[https://www.corpus.cam.ac.uk/current-students/graduation/dress-code-graduation Dress Code].

==Tutorial queries==

If you have any questions or queries regarding anything, please email the [mailto:tutorial@corpus.cam.ac.uk Tutorial Administrators]. Alternatively, the Tutorial Office is located in A–staircase (room A8) and is open 9am–5pm. You can also contact Wendy on 01223 7(64296).