Bene’t + Botolph: Streets next to Corpus. The Corpus accommodation on those streets is referred to by these names.

Signing Up/Down: Travelling to Cambridge and Oxford is traditionally known as “going up”, which means that everyone “comes up” to Cambridge at the beginning of each term, regardless of where they’re coming from; and “goes down” again at the end of each term. It is compulsory to sign up and down, which consists of signing a register in the Porters’ Lodge, at the start and end of each term.

CUSU: Cambridge University Student Union. Organises University wide events like the Freshers’ Societies Fair, prints lots of useful publications and provides welfare/academic support.

Formal (Hall): A three-course meal in Hall on Fridays and Sundays at 7.30pm. Formal clothes and gown are required and BYO wine. Tickets are £10.43 and can be booked online using Upay Chilli. It is advisable to line up early in order to be able to sit with friends, and also as doors will close at 7.30pm sharp.

Gyp Room: The student kitchens. These may contain a sink, a fridge, a microwave and in some cases an oven, hob or freezer.

Hall: Lunch and dinner are served in hall, cafeteria style. Typically costs £3-4 a meal.

Hermes: University email system. Each student has a Hermes I.D. which is the initials of their name followed by a number, for example You will be using this email all the time to contact your DoS, tutors and the various societies, so it is important to remember your I.D. and password. Setting up your email is an important thing to do as emails will be sent to you from an early stage. Once you have your login details, Hermes can be accessed here.

JCR: JCR, confusingly, can mean three different things:
  1. The Corpus Student Union as a whole.
  2. The JCR Committee, often known simply as “the JCR”, is the group of students elected to represent your views.
  3. The Junior Combination Room (equivalent to a Common Room).

KFC: Kitchen Fixed Charge. A charge of around £2 per day to pay for kitchen overhead costs to subsidise food in Hall and the bar.

Leckhampton: Corpus’ own sports grounds, with a couple of football pitches, rugby fields, a gym, squash and tennis courts, cricket pavilion and pool. Leckhampton also houses the postgraduate students.

Newnham (House): Newnham is an all-female college. Newnham House (normally referred to as just “Newnham” to confuse you) is Corpus student accommodation that is usually occupied by second years and is located near the college of the same name (5 minutes walk away).

Pidge: Your personal ‘pigeon hole’ in the Post Room where the Porters put your mail.

Plodge: Short for Porters’ Lodge where the Porters reside.

Slack: A disco in the Corpus Bar. Always fun nights to remember (not that you’ll always want to). Prone to being sweaty.