Living Costs

There is a wide range of financial support available for student. you should browse the government, university and college websites to get an idea of what support you may or may not be eligible for. Most student bank accounts offer large interest free overdrafts, so shop around and select the best bank account for you.

Your Tutor will be there to help you if you have any financial issues.Tutorial is also there to help and you can talk to the JCR Welfare Officers or the JCR Academic and Access Officer about anything. You should also look at advice provided by CUSU and the NUS

Rough Costs

Correct as of 2018-19

Midrange rent per term (30-week lease): ?1,460
Room deposit (one time only): ?150
KFC (Kitchen Fixed Charge): ?190 (for 30-week lease rooms)
Food and drink: between ?350 and ?450

College Card + Account

Corpus uses a cashless card system in Hall and the Bar where your University Card can be used to pay for food and drink. This card is also used to pay for Formal Halls, meaning you can still eat and socialise even if you are short of cash! At the start of the following term you will receive a bill for your catering charges (along with your rent and kitchen fixed charge for the term). Conveniently, these bills are sent out shortly after you receive your loan so that you can pay your rent and for your food at a time when you have money. You can keep track of your statements and balances on the Upay Chilli website, which is where you will book formal tickets.


  • The DirectGov website provides detailed information about costs and eligibility for finance.
  • A useful tool may be the Student Finance Calculator, which estimates what financial support you could receive whilst at university.