One of the most common feelings amongst freshers and Cambridge students in general, is that everyone else is more intelligent. You’re probably used to being the “clever one” and suddenly being surrounded by people who are equally enthusiastic about learning will come as a shock. But everyone is feeling the same, if they’re not; they’re either lying, or superhuman.

Be sure to make use of your college parents and the JCR committee, or simply chat to other students. You will soon realise you’re not alone. Work-wise, try to focus on your own progress and learning rather than comparing yourself to other students.

Alternatively, you can go to…

The JCR Welfare Officers: They organise various events to help students relax and deal with exam pressures, and are always available for a (confidential) chat. Getting involved with a sport or a society is also a great way to relieve some of that work-related stress. More information is available on the Welfare page.

Wendy Klein: Wendy is available in the Tutorial Office 9am–5pm, Monday–Friday and is amazing at solving problems. She resides on A–staircase, or you can contact her by email; Wendy’s email is

Your Tutor: Your Tutor is always there to help with personal and financial issues. You will meet with him/her at least once or twice a term, but they can be contacted at any time if you’re having trouble with anything.

Your DoS: Your DoS can help with academic problems, for example switching modules, changing supervisors etc. Your Tutor, Wendy and the JCR Academic and Access Officer can also advise you on academic problems.

The Chaplain: James Buxton ( is available to all students at Corpus, no matter what their faith or background. He lives in College (room D4) and is happy to be contacted directly at any time, including out of office-hours, whatever the issue. James would like to stress that he is very much available to everyone, regardless of faith or lack thereof.

The University Counselling Service: They provide a free service and have lots of practical information on things such as insomnia and stress. They also offer counselling if you feel like you need to talk to people outside of College. Their website can be found here.

There are also contact details for various help and advice lines dotted around bathrooms and notice boards in College. No Corpus student should ever feel like they don’t have anyone to talk to; problems are easily solved so long as someone knows about them.