What To Bring

There is no limit to the amount of stuff you can bring, apart from the size of your room (email your College Parents for details about your room). But, remember you will probably have to take the majority of your stuff back home at the end of every term and that could mean a lot of trips up and down several flights of stairs.

Storage is available for International students. Please contact the JCR International Students Officer for more information.

  • Warm Things: Cambridge can be extremely cold in Michaelmas and Lent terms; so bring coats, scarves, gloves, umbrellas.
  • Smart Clothes: Formal outfits are compulsory for Formal Hall. You also have to have a plain black outfit for Matriculation and Graduation, so it’s worth bearing that in mind if you’re investing in a new one before coming to Corpus. Black Tie may also be needed for sports dinners and other occasions, but few take place in the first term and this can be hired if necessary.
  • School Uniform/Tie: The first themed party (“slack”) of term is “Back to School”, so get out those old school ties! (fancy dress is completely optional, but so much more fun)
  • Room Decorations: All rooms contain basic furniture (a desk, lamp, wardrobe, chair etc.). You might want to bring your own decorations/photos to personalise the place a little. You are not allowed to use blu-tac to stick up posters, so bring lots of picture rail hooks and string to hang things from the rails. Alternatively, you can buy these for less than £1 from the photographic shop on Kings Parade.
  • Bedding: College provide a pillow, a duvet and a mattress protector but you need to bring sheet(s), pillowcase(s), and duvet cover(s) – singular or plural depending on whether you think you can wash and fully dry them in the space of a day. There are linen packs available to pre-order for overseas students.
  • Kettle + Mugs: There are kettles in all of the gyp rooms, but if you’re a bit of a tea and coffee fiend or a bit lazy – bear in mind you will become both of these things within a few weeks – a kettle in your room can’t hurt. You don’t need a 12-piece dinner set, but lots of mugs certainly help with the initial stages of making friends! A corkscrew/bottle opener is also incredibly useful.
  • Loose Change: The washing machines and dryers are fed on a diet of £1 coins and 20p pieces, so it may be useful to bring some with you to save you having to constantly use the Beldam Laundry Room change machine. Washing machines cost £1.40 and the dryers give you 8 mins of drying fun for 20p.
  • Bike: Not necessary, but extremely useful for those whose faculties are a bit further away from Corpus — check out this map. Just remember, your laziness will increase with each progressive week as a student and bikes make getting to lectures take even less time. Bikes can be bought from many shops in Cambridge, but prices are often peak during Freshers’ Week. Invest in a solid D-lock and register it with the Porters. You can lock your bike away safely in the racks outside the Beldam Building. You will be fined by the police if you are caught without lights at night.
  • Laptop/Computer: Not absolutely necessary as there is a Computer room – complete with printers and scanners -in College. All rooms have web access either by cable or wireless, which costs £25 per term and is included in your rent. There is wireless internet throughout College and all over the University. You can get network cables from the Computing Office free of charge. You will be charged for printing, but it’s very cheap. You are also welcome to bring your own printer.

What NOT To Bring

  • Books: It’s often best to wait until you arrive before buying books. Books are heavy and most/all the books you need should be in the College or Faculty Libraries. There will also be plenty of deals and second hand sales at the start of term. Your College parents may be able to advise you on the best books for your course, in addition to the information from your Faculty and College. There are also book grants available for all those eligible for the Newton Trust Bursary.
  • New Calculators + Lab Coats: For science subjects, only University-approved calculators are allowed in exams so best to wait until you get here before you buy a new one. It’ll cost you significantly less from the University than a high-street shop. The same goes for Lab Coats which will be available from your faculty.
  • Gown: Get this in the Porters’ Lodge when you arrive. Mark it with your name before it goes wandering. They usually cost around £40-50.