All years: Michaelmas Elections **Deadline for applications**

Wednesday November 9 2016 (11:34am) by Flis O'Toole under General.

Hi everyone,

Are you angry with the world? Do you want to make a change? Do you want to make Corpus great again? Run for the JCR!

As you can see from the sign-up sheet here, we still haven?t had anyone put their names forward for either secretary or careers officer, but there?s still time to run for either one of these or freshers? rep. Send me an email with your manifesto, and the names of your proposer and seconder by midnight tonight.

Reasons to run:
It looks good on your CV
You get to join a fabulous committee
You can contribute to college life and have your say on the things that matter
You don?t have to wear a hideous pink jumper

So get hyped! Restore your faith in democracy! Email me today!

Lots of love,

P.S. Hustings are tomorrow at 7pm in the JCR. Come along and grill your future representatives!
P.P.S. Freshers are able to run for all three positions, not just Freshers? Rep