Sanitary Supplies

Friday January 26 2018 (12:17am) by Cici Carey-Stuart under General.

In the JCR toilets and every laundry in college accomodation, there is now a cardboard box containing copious amounts of tampons and pads (regular and super/night). To everyone who has periods: please take as many as you need!
After some surprisingly mind-bending calculations, I know that there will be enough for every undergrad in college to be clean, comfy and safe during their periods – for free!

On each of the boxes, I?ve put some ground rules, and here they are again:
Don?t stock up in advance, just take what you need now
(that?s why these supplies are here!)
If you take pads, please don?t take a whole pack
Bring something to carry your supplies in, but there are
some emergency paper bags

If you use this system, please help others less fortunate than ourselves when it comes to sanitary supplies. Sign the petition to get free sanitary products for kids on free school meals; if you can, donate to the amazing Bloody Good Period charity (tw for the website: blood). A ?5 donation will give a displaced person in need a two-month supply of sanitary products: we are so lucky to be able to have this for free, but many people in the UK just don?t have the money to access period supplies at all.

Importantly, this is a trial run. Please give me feedback; if it’s good; if something needs to change (location, amount, items ordered); if you think there is a way as a JCR we could do this better – just let me know!

Also, please don?t abuse this system ? everyone will get what they need, and if we use it sensibly we?ll hopefully get to fund free sanitary products again next year!

If any box is running low, message me on facebook or via email (cglc3).

Blue skies,
Cici (he/him), Gender Equalities Officer