Society details: CCK Rugby

Contact: Piran Venton

Corpus doesn’t usually have enough players to put out a full team of our own, so we play in a combined team with Clare and Kings called ‘CCK’. Don’t let this put you off though as it’s a fantastic way to make friends outside college and creates a great team atmosphere. Besides, our socials are epic. In recent years CCK has gone from strength to strength. We are currently in the 2nd division, but we are hopeful that this year we can get back into the big-time where we belong. We’ve also enjoyed some great results in the uni-wide knockout tournament known as ‘cuppers’, reaching the semi-final two years running from 2011-12. We really want to build on this success going into next season, so will be looking to get as many freshers involved as possible.

Whether you’re a rugby fanatic, played a bit at school, or are just keen for the socials, come along to training and get involved! If you have any questions or want more information feel free to contact the Head of Rugby.