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Contact: Jamie Rycroft
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The Fletcher Players

The Fletcher Players Society is Corpus’ student drama group, we help to run the Corpus Christi Playroom—our college theatre, in conjunction with the Cambridge Arts Theatre. We typically aim to stage four plays a term and seek, in particular, to support Corpus students in their theatrical endeavours. Whether they be acting, producing, writing or directing the Fletcher Players committee will provide you with advice, support, contacts and most importantly: money.

The Fletcher Players is currently undergoing considerable change in an attempt to restore the reputation of Corpus drama to its former glory. The long overdue renovation of the Corpus Playroom, the reinstatement of our once prestigious New Writing competition and bringing back the regular West-End theatre trips for Corpus Students are among our highest priorities.

The Fletcher Players top priority this year is fundraising for the ‘Corpus Playroom Renovation Project,’ which seeks to raise £80,000, and will be hosting a variety of fundraising events during the course of the year. We encourage all students who have a commitment to drama at Corpus to get in touch and get involved as much as they can.

If you have any further questions about the Playroom or the Fletcher Players, please do not hesitate to contact our President, Toby Jones.

About the Corpus Playroom

The Corpus Playroom currently enjoys the reputation of being the second most important student theatre space in Cambridge after the ADC Theatre. It currently provides students with a the only suitable space for low budget studio theatre and is where most actors and directors start out in Cambridge theatre, before moving up to the ADC. The Corpus Playroom is a much loved and respected institution in Cambridge and it is also fondly remembered by many of Cambridge’s most distinguished graduates. Stephen Fry describes it as the place where he, Emma Thompson, Hugh Laurie and Tony Slattery learnt and developed the most as actors, writers and directors while they were at Cambridge.