Society details: Mixed Netball

Contact: Harry Taylor

Mixed Netball is a popular and accessible sport at Corpus that welcomes any and all abilities. Starting last year with a team half made up of press-ganged freshers who hadn’t played since year six, if at all, we put in a positive performance though relegation to the second division proved impossible to escape. This year the hope is to build on that squad and push on to the success we deserve. League matches are weekly in Michaelmas and Lent terms with Cuppers taking place at the end of Lent, there might also be occasional practice sessions if numbers allow. Games are divided into quarters so time on the court is guaranteed for anyone who wants it. The generally cutesy, inclusive atmosphere around Mixed, as well as the impeccable chat, makes it in many ways the perfect Corpus sport. Join the Facebook group or look out for the freshers’ week stall to come to Leck to help us take Div 2 by storm.