Society details: Pelican Poets and Writers

Contact: Isla Cowan, Lana Crowe

This literary club meets on three evenings each term for informal poetry readings and themed literary discussions, presented mainly by undergraduate and graduate Corpuscles. Set up by Sibella and Richard Berengarten, it takes place in the sitting room of the Master’s Lodge, and usually starts at 7.30pm. Meetings are attended primarily by members of the college and their guests but all members of the university are welcome.

As part of PPW, Richard also runs termly Poets’ Meetings. These bring together practising poets who live in or around Cambridge to exchange ideas, listen to one another’s poems, discuss them, and talk about matters connected with the practice of the art, in a cordial and open atmosphere. Writers in other fields and practitioners of other arts are welcome, as are all interested students, critics, readers and listeners. For more information please contact Isla Cowan (