Leckhampton facilities

If you have any questions about Corpus’ sports facilities, feel free to contact the JCR Sports and Societies Officer. If you have any questions about Leckhampton in general, you should contact the MCR Secretary.


Leckhampton is a beautiful campus for Corpus’s graduate students and for College sporting life. It is essentially a large country house approximately a 5 minute cycle away from College, providing superb sports facilities including tennis courts, rugby and football pitches, a gym and, best of all, an outdoor swimming pool. Even if you aren?t sporty, the grounds are beautiful to explore if the same library desk is making you tedious.

In addition to these excellent facilities used by all members of Corpus, the central building in the Leckhampton campus is Leckhampton House, a Victorian residential building used for postgraduate accomodation. Most graduate students live in either the George Thomson Building (GTB), a large block next door, or in various houses on the neighbouring streets, Cranmer Road and Selwyn Gardens. There are also two houses for postgraduates on Barton Road.

Sports grounds

The College’s playing fields are located at Leckhampton. On the site we have:

  • A full gym – with bikes, a rowing machine, a treadmill, exercise mats, weights and many leg, arm and chest machines,
  • A squash court,
  • Two hard and two grass tennis courts (also used as netball courts),
  • A croquet lawn,
  • An outdoor swimming pool,
  • A large pitch used for football, cricket, rugby, lacrosse and ultimate frisbee.

Few other colleges in Cambridge have such impressive facilities right on their doorstep. The College also owns a boathouse at the river, about fifteen minutes away by bike, which is the hub for the considerable college rowing community. A map to the boathouse can be found on the Boat Club website.

Procedure for use

Who can use the grounds?

The primary use of the sports ground is for Corpus teams and Corpus students. Other college teams may book the Corpus sports ground but by arrangement with the Head Groundsman only.

How do I use them?

All sports matches, whether league finals or casual games need to be booked in advance. The sports ground should only be used for such pre?booked organised sports, so that the Groundsmen know when there will be teams on the ground. To book, email Neil Taylor, the Head Groundsman.

The sports courts can be used anytime during daylight hours and runners are welcome to run around the exterior of the sports area. The sports ground should not be used after dark as this can be very hazardous due to unseen obstacles.

When do I need to book?

The Head Groundsman requires 48 hours notice for all fixtures and training sessions. All bookings for weekend matches must be received by 12pm on Thursday.

  • Cuppers and league fixtures (football, cricket, rugby, lacrosse and tennis): All Captains should receive a fixture list from the relevant University body at the beginning of the season. Captains should then contact the Head Groundsman to confirm the pitches are available.
  • Other fixtures, practice matches, etc.: As soon as additional fixtures to the Cuppers/league lists are made, the relevant Captain should contact the Head Groundsman to determine whether an appropriate pitch/practice area is available. This includes the use of the cricket nets for team practices.
  • Fixture changes, postponements and cancellations: If any changes are made in the arrangements for any fixtures, practice matches, etc. it is the responsibility of the relevant Captain to inform the Head Groundsman immediately. This duty is in addition to the requirement to inform any independent referees or other officials involved in the match. If you need to cancel a weekend booking, please contact the Head Groundsman by phone.
  • Other sports (volleyball, rounders, etc.): Captains/organisers of other sporting events using the Sports ground should contact the Head Groundsman as soon as dates and times have been decided to determine whether an appropriate pitch/practice area is available (and to agree pegging out if necessary).
  • Casual Games: These are not allowed on the main pitches. Please contact the Head Groundsman for an appropriate area. For casual games involving a few people, please check with the Head Groundsman that the ground is fit and available. 

Please note that the Groundsman may close all or part of the ground if conditions are considered unfit (this may include excessive wet/dry conditions).

What happens in an emergency?

A telephone is available at the sports ground outside the pavilion for use in an emergency (dial 1999) and a first aid kit is available in the pavilion. Please note that an A20 key will open the Cranmer Road pavilion drive should an emergency vehicle need to gain access to the ground.

Please also remember that players are responsible for their own valuables and for locking the pavilion after use.

Squash court

The squash court is highly popular, so to ensure it’s free when you want to play you should book a court online using the JCR’s squash court booking system.


No booking is required – the croquet set is located in a case under the Leckhampton House patio and is available for use in the Leckhampton Gardens during the summer; just turn up and use it as and when you want to. Please remember to to return all the balls and mallets to the case once you?re done.

Click here to view the corpusJCR Croquet Rules.


The gym welcomes all students for use at any time of day. It is, however, unsupervised, so use is at your own risk and thus bringing a friend along is always a sensible idea, especially if you plan to use weights.

Do I need an induction?

Before you are allowed to use the gym, you will need to attend a Safety Induction Course which take approximately 30 minutes and will provide you with all the necessary information on using all of the various equipment. This is important for everyone, even if you already know it. These inductions are usually held at the beginning of Michaelmas and Lent, as demand requires. To arrange one of these, please contact the JCR Sports and Societies Officer. Once you have attended an induction course, you will be given a certificate which you will need to present at the Porters? Lodge to obtain a gym key.

How much does it cost?

A cash deposit of ?20 will be required to obtain a key, but this will be refunded when the key is returned.

Gym Do’s

  • You must wear suitable clothing and footwear (i.e. trainers and sports kit)
  • Use a towel to remove perspiration from the equipment after use
  • Report any problems to the JCR Sports and Societies Officer immediately
  • Keep the gym clean and tidy, especially with regards to putting weights away

Gym Dont’s

  • Take kit bags in to gym
  • Enter the gym barefoot or whilst wearing sandals
  • Modify the equipment in any way
  • Allow anyone under the age of 16 to enter the gym
  • Allow anyone who has not attended the Safety Induction Course to use the gym facilities
  • Take food or open drinks into the gym (only screw topped bottles or sports bottles are acceptable)

If you abuse this facility or the equipment in any way, it will result in you being banned from using the gym.


The Leckhampton swimming pool is located at the end of the Leckhampton Gardens and is available for use by all Corpus students during the summer months.

The pool is open between 7.30am and dusk each day and can be accessed by using your A20 key.

Safety regulations:

  • The last person to leave should always ensure the gates are secured and padlocked.
  • The pool has a depth of 2 metres in the centre and the floor slopes inwards which has a tendency to pull the user towards the deeper area. In case of accidents, a first aid kit can be found within the pool enclosure, to the right of the gate.
  • Lone swimming is strictly forbidden, the pool will be closed if this rule is not strictly observed.
  • Before use, check that the rescue pole is available.
  • Use of the pool is forbidden during filling/emptying or chemical treatment operations.
  • No glassware or similar material may be taken into the pool area.
  • No alcohol may be taken into or consumed in the pool area.
  • Diving is strictly forbidden.
  • Users must not run or involve themselves in horseplay around the pool.
  • Do not use the pool if you have recently eaten or consumed alcohol.
  • Signs indicating that the pool is closed must be strictly observed.
  • Users of the pool and their guests do so entirely at their own risk. By using the pool, users accept this.

Fun Things

Freshers’ Week

On the first Saturday of Freshers? Week a Sports BBQ is held throughout the day at Leckhampton. There will be trial sessions held by all sports so that, whether you?re a fresher or in your final year, you can have a go at trying out any sport you like. This is always an enjoyable afternoon with lots of tasty food and helpful sporting insights!


The Leckhampton Gardens and the playing fields are ideal places for a BBQ in the summer months and the cost is only ?5. If you fancy this, you can book a BBQ using the MCR website.

The BBQ is stored under the shelter along the west side of the garden, and gas for the BBQ is stored next to the shelter. The BBQ must be returned here after use.


  • Use on hard standing ground i.e. by the prairie garden
  • Do not use by Leckhampton House since smoke penetrates rooms very easily
  • Clean the BBQ rack, side tables and drip tray after use (if not done properly it is a fire hazard)

Leckhampton queries

If you have any questions regarding Leckhampton, the gym or the swimming pool, please contact the Warden of Leckhampton. If you have any questions regarding the sports grounds, please contact the Head Groundsman. You can also reach the Head Groundsman by phone on 01223 7(67164).