Contraception Provisions in Corpus

Condom Supply

All of the members of the JCR Welfare Body are able to provide students with condoms and other sexual health supplies for free.

As well as just standard latex condoms we can provide:
> Water-based lube
> SKYN latex-free condoms
> Dental dams
> Pregnancy testes
> Other sized condoms

There are many ways of obtaining them:
The way that most people obtain sexual health supplies, the form can be found here. You can request any Welfare or Liberation Officer to fulfill this order- and it can be delivered either to your pigeon hole or the Welfare pigeon hole. Condom deliveries to the Welfare pigeon hole should be picked up as soon as possible-ones remaining there for more than a few weeks will be returned to the JCR supplies.
Welfare Officers can be found in person at welfare events such as teas or drop-in sessions. It’s also fine to approach us and ask in person when you see us around college – just ask us for what you need and we will arrange to get it to you ASAP!

(NOTE: though we are available to be contacted at all hours of the day in our college rooms in case of emergency, please do try to be considerate and think ahead. We’d much rather you had protected sex than unprotected sex but please don’t wake us up to get condoms – the condom depository in the JCR toilets is for use in emergencies.)

Condom Dispenser
There is a free condom box and in the Old Court toilets, where you can help yourself to condoms and pregnancy testes. If the dispenser empties, please let the JCR Welfare Officers know so that they can refill it.

This source is highly useful on unplanned occasions. If you are in need of a regular supply of condoms, you are strongly encouraged to contact Welfare Officers to ensure a reliable source of provision – sometimes the dispenser can receive high levels of demand and can be prone to emptying quickly. This dispenser is only for emergencies- it should not be your regular supply of condoms!

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that we are supplying safe and effective condoms this dispenser is an open access source, so you are urged to check the condoms before using them to make sure that they haven’t been tampered with: kite mark, CE mark, expiry date and intact packaging!

Other Options

If you would rather not obtain condoms or related items from the JCR Welfare Officers, there are loads of other options:

  • CUSU Office

You can purchase reduced price condoms, femidoms, lube and dental dams from the reception desk in Mill Lane
CUSU also provide pregnancy tests free. You can get them delivered to your pigeon hole through the CUSU Women’s Officer who can be contacted at

  • CUSU Women’s Officer

If you don’t feel comfortable going in person to CUSU for contraception get in contact with the CUSU Women’s Officer via the website and ask her to put some in your college pigeon hole.

  • The C-Card Scheme

This scheme entitles you to obtain packs of 6 condoms or dams free per visit to any of the registered outlets
You have to sign-up to use this service at a registration point (our nearest one being Central Library), then gain a keyring with a unique ID number that you have to provide upon collection of your free condoms each time you go.
Numerous C-Card outlets near to Corpus including: Boots on Petty Cury, Superdrug on Sidney Street, The Central Library in Lion’s Yard (who knew?) and Fitzwilliam Pharmacy on T-Street.
Find out more on the website