Coming out

Coming out is the process of learning about your own sexuality and telling others about it. Coming out is different for every person, and there is no universal guide on how to do it. However, remember there are always people you can talk to, such as the JCR LGBT+ Officer, CUSU LGBT+ Officers and a wealth of organisations.

Coming out at University, especially when meeting new people, may at times feel daunting. What is important to remember is to do it at your own pace, and that Cambridge is a very open community. If you are worried about telling people, maybe think about speaking to a few, select people who you feel you can trust and are unlikely to react in a negative way. Perhaps choose a quiet setting where you are unlikely to get disturbed, and a time which is good for both of you. For many people, the more people you tell, the easier it becomes to tell other people. However, remember, it is completely up to you who you tell and when.