Drug assisted assault

Drink spiking

Police indicate that 1 in 3 victims of drug assisted rape, most commonly through drinks being spiked, are students. The symptoms mimic those of being very drunk, so it is important to be aware for both you and your friends.

Common “date rape” drugs include GHB and rohypnol, both of which are difficult to detect.

If you or a friend feel odd, nauseous or drunk after only a couple of drinks, leave immediately and go to a place of safety. If you are alone or with a stranger, call friends to tell them where you are and/or go to the landlord and explain your situation.

Once safe, seek medical help. If you want to report the attack to the police, it is very important to do so as soon as possible because all traces of the drug in the blood usually disappear within 24 hours. If you do decide to go to the police, remember that they will not prosecute anyone for drug offences if they have come to report being drugged and assaulted. No matter how much you drank or how many drugs you took, any sexual assault is a serious crime and absolutely not your fault. If you have been attacked, you might want to contact the CUSU Women’s Officer for support.

Ways to protect yourself

  • Never leave your drinks unattended,
  • Never accept drinks from someone you do not know,
  • Do not share or exchange drinks with someone you do not know,
  • Plan your journey to and from home in advance; always carry the number of a reputable taxi firm with you,
  • Consider taking some self–defence classes and carrying a personal attack alarm with you (£2 from CUSU or the JCR Welfare Officers)

Using the Corpus Panther taxis account

It’s always advisable to plan your trip home in advance and travel with others where possible. If you’re alone, think about getting a taxi back – if you want to put the cost of your taxi on your College bill to pay it later, Corpus has an account with Panther Taxis. Simply:

  1. Phone 01223 715715 (or directly from the phone in F-staircase),
  2. Ask to use the Corpus JCR Student Account—account number 0860,
  3. Give them your name (you’ll need to have your University Card with you so that the taxi driver can prove you are you and haven’t given someone else’s name),
  4. When asked, give them the password,
  5. Wait for the taxi and pay for it on your next College bill. Simple.