University welfare

Here you can find information about the services provided by the University to ensure your welfare.

If you would like any additional information about these services, feel free to contact the JCR Welfare Officers.

CUSU welfare

CUSU provides independent, non-judgemental and confidential support and information for all students. They employ a full time, professional Student Adviser, who can be contacted at any time.

You can also contact the CUSU Student Support Officer, CUSU Education Officer and CUSU Women’s Officer, whether it’s a first point of call or a last resort.

All of them are trained student support officers and CUSU Student Support is student-centred and free. It’s also independent from the College and the University, so no one will know that you’ve contacted them.

Students can get in touch with CUSU for information about all sorts of issues such as academic difficulties, discrimination, pregnancy, disabilities and many more. If you are worried about a friend, or would just like some information, feel free to get in touch with CUSU.

For more information, visit the CUSU Welfare website.

Contacting CUSU

Tel: 01223 333313
Email: The CUSU Sabbatical Officer’s email directory can be found here.

Cambridge University Students’ Union,
Old Examination Hall,
Free School Lane,
CB2 3RF.

Opening times:
Monday–Friday, 8am–4pm.

CUSU is open throughout the year, but is closed on most public holidays.

University counselling service

The University Counselling Service (UCS) aims to help personal, relationship or identity problems through counselling– including anxiety, stress, depression, eating disorders, relationship issues, sexual problems and identity issues.

Don’t wait until a problem has grown very serious—UCS would much rather you went to them when something was relatively minor so that it can be resolved more quickly.

For more information, visit the University Counselling Service’s website.

Making an appointment

To make an appointment, login to the UCS secure website via Raven, and complete a pre-counselling form. Please put as much or as little information as you feel is appropriate.

Alternatively, you can download a paper copy of the pre-counselling form here.

Any information you give will remain confidential within UCS and will be used to help them place you with an appropriate counsellor.

Contacting UCS

Tel: 01223 332865

Cambridge University Counselling Service,
2–3 Bene’t Place,
Lensfield Road,
CB2 1EL.

Opening times:
Mondays and Friday, 9.00am–5.30pm.
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 9.00am–7.30pm.

UCS is open throughout the year except for periods during the Christmas and Easter Vacations. Reception hours and evening opening may be reduced over the summer period.

Disability resource centre

The Disability Resource Centre (DRC) is the University’s disability service, providing support to all disabled students. The DRC supports individuals with any disability, medical matter or injury, including those with:

  • Specific learning difficulties (including dyslexia),
  • Physical impairments and injuries (including broken limbs and Work Related Upper Limb Disorder),
  • Sensory impairments,
  • Mental health issues,
  • Eating disorders,
  • Chronic illnesses,
  • Asperger syndrome and autism.

DRC can provide confidential information and support, study skills tuition and mentoring, assessment for dyslexia, the loan of specialist equipment and assistance with funding applications.

For more information, visit the Disability Resource Centre’s website.

Contacting DRC

Tel: 01223 332301

Disability Resource Centre,
Keynes House,
Trumpington Street,
CB2 1QA.

Opening times:
Monday–Thursday, 9am–5pm.
Friday, 9am–4pm.

DRC is open throughout the year, but is closed on most public holidays.