Students with disabilities in Corpus

Students with Disabilities Officer

Corpus currently does not have a Disabled Students’ Officer, although as of 2019 this is under review. In the meantime, one of the welfare officers serves as the disabilities officer.


There is a wheelchair–accessible flat in Bene’t hostel, with a fully adapted bathroom and kitchen. There is one accessible flat on the main College site. If you have special access needs, the College is happy to discuss these with you to see how they can be best met.

Both live–in assistants and assistance dogs have been accommodated in the past.

Early induction is possible and it is possible to stay in your room during vacations.


Please discuss any special diets with the Catering staff, who are usually flexible. There are no problems with vegetarian, vegan, gluten and dairy free meals. A nut policy is also in place.

Catering staff can arrange appropriate space for wheelchairs.

Physical access

  • Main College Entrance: There are four large steps, with no handrail, up to the main College entrance. Level access can be obtained via the Stable Yard entrance until 5pm and via the Bursar’s garden off Free School Lane. Level access can also be obtained via Bene’t Street passage until 8pm on weekdays and Saturdays.
  • New Court: Most buildings in New Court have two steps, but temporary metal ramps are available and more permanent wooden ramps can be put in place if necessary. Most areas in College are accessible.
  • Chapel: There are two small steps into the Chapel off of New Court, but a temporary ramp is available.
  • Tutorial: There are two steps to the Tutorial Offices from New Court, but a temporary ramp is available. The Tutorial Office is located up a narrow flight of stairs, but other ground floor rooms can be used for tutorial sessions.
  • Taylor Library: The Taylor Library in Library Court is fully accessible with no steps. The library spans three floors, which are accessible via a lift. Floors are spacious and can accommodate wheelchairs. The Taylor Library contains a disabled toilet.
  • Porters’ Lodge: There are two large steps up to the Porters’ Lodge from New Court, with no handrail, but the Porters will come outside to help.
  • Post Room: The Post Room, in C–staircase, is fully accessible with no steps.
  • Computer Room: The Computer Room, located in New Court, is accessed with a security swipecard system. It is up two steps up from New Court, but a temporary ramp available.
  • Laundry: Laundry facilities are located in the Beldam building, on Bene’t Street. There are a few doors to negotiate, but no steps.
  • Pelican Bar: The Pelican Bar in Library Court is accessible via lift.
  • Hall: There is a large flight of stairs, with a handrail up to Hall. Hall is also accessible via a large service lift off of Old Court. Please arrange with the Catering staff in advance if you need access to the lift.
  • JCR Common Room: The JCR and TV room is fully accessible from Old Court with no steps.
  • Gym: The Gym is located at Leckhampton, in a ground floor squash court. Induction and a special key is required for access. The Sports field is also located at Leckhampton. There are several steps up to the pavilion, but the Leckhampton disabled toilet can be used.
  • Disable Toilets: There are disabled toilets in C–staircase off of New Court, in the Pelican Bar, in the McCrum lecture theatre at the bottom of the Beldam building, and in Leckhampton House.

Students with visual impairments

  • Assistance dogs: Assistance dogs have been accommodated in the past.
  • Computer facilities: All computers in the computer room have 17 inch flat screen monitors. Special software can be installed if needed.
  • Large print, Braille and audio: Currently, College documents are not printed in large print or Braille.
  • Library and magnification equipment: The Parker library has an electronic illuminated magnifier. Computers in the Taylor Library can only be used for online catalogues. The lighting good is good.
  • Signs and finding your way around: There is good signage around the College site and the site is not large, so finding your way around is generally not a problem.
  • Stairs: Steps in the public areas of the College are marked, but there are few handrails. There are some worn and twisty staircases. Staircases are unmarked.

Students with hearing impairments

  • Induction loops: Induction loops are available in the Porters’ Lodge and in the McCrum Lecture Theatre.
  • Alarms: Portable visual and sensory alarms are available.
  • Other: The Taylor Library is extremely quiet, and softly furnished. The JCR Common Room is softly furnished and tends to be a quiet area. The Pelican Bar is large, and can be very noisy when busy.

General information

  • Smoking: There is a smoke–free policy in place throughout College. All College sites, rooms and hostels are no smoking except for the designated smoking areas on the main College site and Leckhampton.
  • Medical facilities: There is no College nurse or other medical facilities, but the College is associated with the Trumpington Street surgery in T–staircase.
  • Emergency procedures: Evacuation needs are taken into account when choosing student rooms. Practice fire drills are obligatory, and individual needs would be discussed.
  • Nearby parking: Parking is very limited. There are some disabled bays on King’s Parade and in the Lion Yard car park. Parking is possible for graduates housed in Leckhampton.