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Sanitary Supplies

Friday January 26 2018 (12:17am) by Cici Carey-Stuart under General.

In the JCR toilets and every laundry in college accomodation, there is now a cardboard box containing copious amounts of tampons and pads (regular and super/night). To everyone who has periods: please take as many as you need!
After some surprisingly mind-bending calculations, I know that there will be enough for every undergrad in college to be clean, comfy and safe during their periods – for free!

On each of the boxes, I?ve put some ground rules, and here they are again:
Don?t stock up in advance, just take what you need now
(that?s why these supplies are here!)
If you take pads, please don?t take a whole pack
Bring something to carry your supplies in, but there are
some emergency paper bags

If you use this system, please help others less fortunate than ourselves when it comes to sanitary supplies. Sign the petition to get free sanitary products for kids on free school meals; if you can, donate to the amazing Bloody Good Period charity (tw for the website: blood). A ?5 donation will give a displaced person in need a two-month supply of sanitary products: we are so lucky to be able to have this for free, but many people in the UK just don?t have the money to access period supplies at all.

Importantly, this is a trial run. Please give me feedback; if it’s good; if something needs to change (location, amount, items ordered); if you think there is a way as a JCR we could do this better – just let me know!

Also, please don?t abuse this system ? everyone will get what they need, and if we use it sensibly we?ll hopefully get to fund free sanitary products again next year!

If any box is running low, message me on facebook or via email (cglc3).

Blue skies,
Cici (he/him), Gender Equalities Officer


Saturday March 18 2017 (3:04pm) by Flis O'Toole under General.

Dear Corpus,

Tonight when the clock strikes twelve, the JCR Committee of 2016/17 will step aside and make way for the reign of the white, male, 2nd year mathmos. In my final email to you all, it is only fitting to celebrate our highlights of the year. For the last three terms we?ve worked really hard to represent you, so please take five minutes to read about the results of this hard work. I can guarantee that this?ll be the first time you learn about some of the things on this list.

Easter Term 2016

Brought bean bags to the Taylor Library
Selected a fantastic May Ball Committee
Arranged for slack stewards to get free brunch
Organised more events for the period in between exams and May Week, such as sports and BBQs
Ran a successful ‘Admissions Week’ in Summer (i.e. NI Summer School, Females in STEM Summer School and two University Open Days)

Michaelmas Term 2016

Organised a ?very lit? Early Arrivals? Week (<- Pav?s words)
Organised a fantastic Freshers? Week:
Blinded everyone with our bright pink jumpers
Ran the first Freshers? Week LGBT+ educational/discussion workshop
Arranged Corpus? first external consent workshops with the charity DHIVerse
Introduced a ‘Transition from School to Cambridge: Q&A with Current Students’
Introduced ?Family Formals? for the first time ever
Sourced a University Challenge team that will be appearing on your TV screens later this year
Secured a 2.4% rent increase for 2017/18 (compared to 10.7%, 11%, 4.5%, 4.25% and 2.25% in previous years)
Fixed KFC to be the same for the next three years and persuaded the Bursar to get rid of KFC for any undergrads not living in College accommodation

Lent Term 2017

Formed a link with Peterhouse for the CUSU Shadowing Scheme, which led to us creating our own joint timetable for evening activities
Purchased our very own rainbow flag to fly on the first day of LGBT History Month
Organised the most successful, brilliant, and humorous Halfway Hall Awards in its history (<- Pav?s words)
Roused everyone to still put their all into the Corpus Challenge despite blizzard conditions and being shattered from a 3 hour journey
Secured representation from undergrads of almost every subject for Offer Holders? Day
Organised Corpus? second ever ?Marriage Formal?
Had a record (probably) of 4 candidates running for presidency

Throughout the year

Produced 89 pages of minutes
Increased the speed/efficiency of Committee Meetings and Open Meetings (but still struggled with quorum for the latter *sad reacts only*)
Prepared all the content for the new JCR Website ahead of its (hopefully) imminent launch
Helped figure out the temporary International Storage facility for Winter, Easter and Summer Vacs
Some excellent turnouts at the weekly ParTeas: more than one hundred and fifty people were counted over the course of the last ParTea of Michaelmas term
Ran twice-termly LGBTeas with a good turnout
Ran the first successful LGBT+ College Parenting Scheme in collaboration with Pembroke, Peterhouse, and Queens
Improved the Access reward system with free formals for the most active volunteers and more flexible free meal vouchers
Brought juice options to hall
Created a regularly updated JCR Catering Facebook Page for feedback and menus
Ensured at dinner a 4th pasta/pizza/rice/noodle option, often vegetarian
Organised Corpus Garden Party, 8 slacks and the second ever ?Bop Swap?

And a whole lot more work has gone on behind the scenes.

I can?t thank the rest of the committee enough for everything that they?ve done. It?s been an absolute privilege to work with such a lovely bunch of people and I will forever look back on the last year with fond memories.

I wish the incoming committee the best of luck for the year ahead – hopefully you won?t need it!

Lots of love,

Flis O’Toole
JCR President 2016-17
JCR First Lady 2017-18

All years: Michaelmas Elections **Deadline for applications**

Wednesday November 9 2016 (11:34am) by Flis O'Toole under General.

Hi everyone,

Are you angry with the world? Do you want to make a change? Do you want to make Corpus great again? Run for the JCR!

As you can see from the sign-up sheet here, we still haven?t had anyone put their names forward for either secretary or careers officer, but there?s still time to run for either one of these or freshers? rep. Send me an email with your manifesto, and the names of your proposer and seconder by midnight tonight.

Reasons to run:
It looks good on your CV
You get to join a fabulous committee
You can contribute to college life and have your say on the things that matter
You don?t have to wear a hideous pink jumper

So get hyped! Restore your faith in democracy! Email me today!

Lots of love,

P.S. Hustings are tomorrow at 7pm in the JCR. Come along and grill your future representatives!
P.P.S. Freshers are able to run for all three positions, not just Freshers? Rep

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