JCR Budget

Budget 2017-18

The Budget 2017-18 has passed committee and is pending open meeting approval on Saturday 28th. The budget can be found here.

Budget 2016-17

The final Budget 2016-17 was passed in an Open Meeting on 27th October 2016. It can be found here.

Any queries or concerns, contact the JCR Treasurer (jdl56).

One-off purchases

JCR members are now able to suggest additional purchases the JCR Committee could make. All you have to do have a quick read through the guide here and fill in the form, which you can either complete online here or print off and put in the JCR Treasurer’s pigeon hole here
This shouldn’t be used for Sports and Societies. If you feel you need to make a purchase outside of what was allocated in the Michaelmas budget, please discuss it with the JCR Treasurer in advance.

Reimbursement Procedure

If you are the treasurer of a society which has been allocated money in the budget, please see this guide for information about how to be reimbursed.
The online reimbursement form can be found by clicking here.

Budget 2015-16

The final Budget 2015-16 was passed in an Open Meeting on 2nd November 2015. It can be found here.

Any queries or concerns, contact the JCR Treasurer (bh412).

One-off purchases 2015-16

The guide for one off purchases for the year 2015-16 can be found here. Please fill out this form in order to apply for a one off purchase in this years budget.

The deadline for all applications is 23:59 on Friday 16th October 2015.

Any queries or concerns can be directed to the Treasurer, Ben Hanson (bh4...@cam.ac.uk)

Committee Budget Applications

JCR Committee members can apply for funding for the year 2015-16 using the form here here.

Budget 2014-15

The final budget for 2014-15 was approved at an Open Meeting on 10th November. You can find the final version here. You can find more information about the 2014-15 budget here.
If you haven’t yet submitted an inventory of everything your society owns, it would still be useful if you could do so here.
If you have any questions about the whole budget process, please don’t hesitate to contact the JCR Treasurer here.

Budget 2013-14

The budget for 2013–2014 can be viewed here.
The JCR voted to accept this budget in an Open Meeting on Wednesday 6th November 2013.
The budget from previous academic years can be found in the JCR archives here.