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The JCR acts to represent all student members in the College, as well as helping with any welfare problems and providing services to make life easier.

JCR Election and Manifestos - 2019

Friday March 1 2019 (4:20am) by Jorik Schellekens under General.

Find the manifestos of the JCR election held on March 2nd 2019 attached.

JCR Audit + Budget Stuff

Monday February 25 2019 (11:25am) by Nina Jeffs under General.

Hey everyone,

As promised — here is the JCR Audit! It has been completed by the wonderful economists Will Edmonds and Hughie Curtis and is now ready to view at your leisure.

At an open meeting earlier this term, we voted to adopt the ‘College Fixed Provision Scheme’ — basically a slightly different, more cost-effective way to save money while making our budget. This will be adopted during our next budget procedure. Will’s explanation of how this works is linked.

If you’ve got any further questions or comments, feel free to contact Will at we227@cam.ac.uk!

Audit love,

Nina Jeffs [she/her]

JCR End of Term(s) Report

Sunday February 3 2019 (12:12pm) by Nina Jeffs under General.

As promised, we’re making the JCR more accountable — so here’s an update on what we’ve been up to for the last two terms, in all its grisly detail. Each committee member has put their goals and what they did and didn’t achieve. We’ll do another (shorter) one at the end of this term. Enjoy!

Get the report here.


Nina Jeffs [she/her]
JCR President

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